Why Free Open Source Software?

Since the launch of Richard Stallman’s GNU project, open source software is continuously increasing.

The evolution of smart mobile phones (Android and Apple) with their wide range of open source software makes users of ICT less attached to paid software, and more comfortable to migrate from a platform to another, especially as most open source software offers a cross-platform portability.

Similarly, the use of open source software (rather free) responds to the increasing need to rationalize resources and control the institutional ICT bills, due to the global economic crisis, particularly in Egypt after the revolution.

The crisis forced the Egyptian government to decide use open source software in government institutions. This decision will have a significant impact on training needs and human skills on open source software.

For these reasons, we can estimate outrightly that the promotion of open source software in Egypt would have a high probability of success.

This promotion is provided by organizing open days to educate beneficiaries, knowledge transfer workshops and various activities.

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