FOSS BUZZ in Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University Again


On June 24, 2014, Anova organized an event in cooperation with the ” X__Dream entity” and Mark Tharwat for introducing FOSS BUZZ in Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt.

Counting on students to prepare an event reflect a better communication and bigger audience and wider spreading to the cause.

The students showed great interest in Free Open Source Software and interacted with the lecturers, asking several questions concerning the LPI certifications and the Ambassador Program.

The event covered the following topics:

1 – Introducing Anova and its training programs
2 – Introduction to FOSS and using it in Egypt’s Development
3 – FOSS BUZZ Initiative
4 – FOSS BUZZ Ambassadors Program
5 – LPI Certification

 10458524_759628984088603_3708418743664586374_n   10489948_759628604088641_5652577148747791286_n


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